Are you ready for an Adventure Ready Lifestyle?

Hello and welcome!  

I am Allison, an Independent SeneGence® (LipSense®) distributor (ID: 253242) and a working mama of two - Lemon and Indy.  Follow my links above to see colors, place an order, join my team and contact me for anything else you may need!

I am a mom who is always "adventure ready" with my stay all day, water resistant, sweat proof, smudge proof makeup.  I want to help other mamas also be adventure ready with SeneGence too!

I also would love to help you make some extra money for yourself and your family.  So, if you are interested in becoming a SeneGence® Distributor like me, click the "Join my team" link above. It is just $55 a year to join and you can receive a 20% - 50% discount on all products!  Then you can help other moms in your life too!

Let's spread this adventure ready movement to all, and lift up other women so they feel their best no matter what life throws at them!

Thanks always for your support!

- Allison, Ian, Lemon & Indy